Welcome to Orthopedic Yoga Therapy!

The Meeting Place of Ancient Medicine and Modern Science

Combining the wisdom of ancient yogic practices with modern orthopedic therapy techniques, our approach to healing goes beyond the typical and offers you a chance to move freely and live fully - without pain. 
Clients come to us injured, restricted and often hopeless; and leave empowered to start a new phase of their lives with more energy, flexibility and without pain. We aim to help you heal, and to keep healing yourself as time goes forth.
We believe in science, we believe in ancient healing arts, and we believe in you.

What do we offer?

From retreats  on the Pacific Coast to private sessions in Clayton, MO and Duxbury, MA
we offer a variety of options for healing and learning. 
In our private sessions we start with a postural analysis, then design your unique session utilizing targeted fascial release and muscular therapy, nerve and artery flossing, osteopathic medicine techniques and specialized yoga  to help you re-structure your alignment and re-pattern your movements to live in optimal function without pain. 
Click here to learn more about our three-pronged approach.

We also offer  Yoga Alliance® approved trainings,  transformational bodywork certifications, and continuing education classes, workshops, and retreats for professionals such as Chiropractors, PTs, MDs, OTs, ,Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists,  

Book with us online or contact us directly for more information.
Join us for our September 2020 Yoga Teacher Trainings. 
Learn to share what you love, and learn to do it in an exceptional way.

Join us for a live interactive Q&A with Michelle on September 13th at 12 noon EST, Free Orthopedic Flow class to follow.

In person at Soul Oh in the Delmar Loop 11am CT.


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What our clients are saying?


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