How Can OYT Benefit Me?



Do you have a persistent injury that has not healed correctly?  Do you have soreness and pain, but unsure of the cause?

Or maybe you aren't in pain, but want to prevent injury or overuse as you begin your new workout routine?

No matter which category you fall into, our OYT practitioners can assess and identify parts of the body that hold patterns and limitations that can cause discomfort and diminish potential range of motion.  We tailor a healing and/or prevention program specifically to you and your body in order to re-establish healthy patterns and to prevent reoccurring injuries.

Here's just a portion of how our programs can aide your body:

--Train connective tissues to properly take load--

--Heal and repair injured tissue--

--Create balanced strength around joints--

--Restore range of movement for joints and tissues--

--Increase awareness of joint motions and muscle actions to create safe movements--



Would you like to make the leap into athleticism?

Have you found yourself in the athletic "rut" and need help finding your way out?

Feel like you are right on the cusp of an athletic goal and want that extra push to get there?  

Our programs can be specially designed to increase your access to peak performance!

Whether training your body's tissues to handle stress, or balancing out your strength and flexibility across the entire body, we can help reinforce awareness of your own capabilities---thus leading you to your goals!



Here at Orthopedic Yoga Therapy we believe living life should be like producing a fine wine;

Aging, and aging well, is key.  

Let us help you in this process!  OYT can help reduce stress, maintain muscle mass and elasticity, improve coordination, and increase your nervous system's ability to respond to the world.

Here's some of the ways we can aide in keeping your body (and mind) flowing:

--Directly address joint mobility and how to work with aging in the joints--

--Demonstrate how to properly distribute body weight throughout the body--

--Guide your connective tissues to proper placement--

--Reduce stress and increase the immune response through hands-on therapies--

--Bring awareness to the inherent strength living  within you--



Studies show that exercise helps in hormonal balance, reduction of stress hormones, and improvements of DHEA--

a bio-marker of longevity--or “Youngevity" in our world! 

Movement--especially yogic movement-- counts as exercise!

This is where OYT can fit into your life.

By allowing our practitioners to guide you in  a mindful practice of movement, we can help you get out of the stressful fight or flight response and achieve that sense of rest and recovery.   This can lead to a heightened feeling of connection to your self, your body, and the world around you.

Just like when you were a kid!