Private Sessions w/Michelle Fleming


Combines nerve and artery flossing with thai massage, deep fascial release and is an energetic based treatment complete with chakra energy work which allows the client to receive healing as they are in relaxation. Enjoy Your Transformational Bodywork Treatment with Michelle Fleming

This uniquely personal treatment begins with a body assessment of each client’s particular postural patterns to determine the course of action. Then, deep fascial release of tight connective tissue combined with neuromuscular therapy and Thai Massage techniques are implemented to bring about optimal results and true transformation. Excellent for athletes looking to increase their performance, or anyone suffering from pain.

  • 1st visit (120 minutes) ……………… $200

  • Subsequent visits (90 minutes) ….. $150


Do you feel tightness around your surgical scars? Do you have scar tissue on your abdomen, causing you to experience irritable bowel syndrome? Are you experiencing vague pain or numbness that your doctor can’t explain? Michelle specifies in post-surgical scar tissue release, as well as nerve and artery release through very gentle hands-on treatments. Her treatments can quickly bring you results and relief.

This is a gentle yet highly effective modality that flosses the nerves and satires through the tissue to allow for optimal blood flow of the arterial system and to remove impingement from the nervous system. Highly effective for carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, polyneuralgia, neuropathy and sciatica release pressure from

  • 1st visit (90 minutes) ……………… $200

  • Subsequent visits (60 minutes) ….. $150



A deep yet gentle stretching massage where the patient lies fully clothed on a padded mattress while compression techniques, gentle stretching, and pressure point activation are applied. The therapist will utilize her thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees, feet, and body weight to facilitate deep muscular releases.

  • 90 minutes ………………… $100

  • 120 minutes ………………. $120



With the combination of movement, manual  and neural therapy, Orthopedic Yoga Therapy offers a truly holistic approach to healing. Using a hands-on therapeutic approach to utilize both fascial release to remove adhesions and Neuromuscular Re-Facilitation to reconnect the brain to the tissue and integrating the lengthening and strengthening aspects of an intelligently organized yoga practice. Allowing movement to fix yourself.  OYT provides overall structural balance for the individual, as no two body-systems are exactly the same. Learn how your body works and what you can do to maintain overall well-being.

  • 1st visit will include: initial consultation to discuss goals and evaluate your unique structure and design a treatment plan specifically for you (120 minutes: 30 min of consultation/ postural assessment, 60 min of customized bodywork which will vary according to your specific needs &  30 min of developing a customized yoga practice to keep you moving toward optimal results)

  • 120 minutes…………..$250

  • Subsequent visits: includes a quick re-assessment to measure progress, builds upon where we left off and gets right into more bodywork

  • 90 minutes…………….$175



Thadd will move you toward a correct postural alignment, making sure your muscles are doing what they’re supposed to be doing. His techniques work toward eliminating musclar pathologies that generate pain around the body and retrain the nervous system to regain control over your movements. Studies show that 80% of pain people feel are from the organs. Thadd will make sure that your organs are working correctly through a combination of informed, hands-on muscular, visceral, organ, and neurological manipulations. Combining all this with joint mobilization, muscle refacilitation, and advanced massage therapy, you can reduce musclar tension, lengthen shorter tissue, and resolve your pain.

In this progressive series of 12 sessions, the client is guided through the process of  healing with specific goals designed to target resolution of pain and facilitate optimal functionality of the whole body as a working system.

  • $250 first appointment (90 minutes)

  • $200 subsequent appointments (75 minutes)



An exceptionally helpful treatment for the expectant mother to help her body transition through the phases of pregnancy and prepare for the journey of childbirth. Tight muscles are gently soothed; circulation increases while fluid retention decreases and an overall sense of well-being are brought to both mother and child. Recommended monthly or bi-monthly throughout pregnancy.

  • 60 minutes ……………….. $75

  • 90 minutes ……………….. $95



Recent research shows that wrinkles are in fact collagen blockages to hydration and this unique therapy helps to remove those internal tissue restrictions that lead to improved hydration and elasticity of the facial connective tissues.

Facial Rejuvenation massage is a series of 6 sessions that focus on working the head and neck to increase the vitality of the tissues of the body from the shoulders up.  The specialized techniques to work on the skin of the face and neck improve the hydration, elasticity and the condition of the collagen in the area throughout the series.  Each of the sessions focus’s on a different area of the face and neck so that over the course of the series there is plenty of focus spent on all aspects of the region.  Individual attention is spent on usual problem areas such as between the eyebrows, jaw, etc.

  • 60 minutes …………………$125


A combination of Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point and reflex therapies. To calm the nervous system, restore glide and elasticity between all layers of the muscular system and eliminate noxious referrals from trigger points. Reflex therapies bring balance to the nervous systems input to the organs.

  • 60 minutes…………………

  • 90 minutes…………………