200 & 300 Hour
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings

Orthopedic Flow and Orthopedic Yoga Back Care Specialist Certifications 
We are excited to announce that in September we will be offering a Yoga Teacher Training with acclaimed Yoga Therapist Michelle Fleming. Michelle has directed over 40 yoga teacher trainings and yoga therapist trainings.


She prides herself on teaching in a way that is accessible to all, and for making complex human anatomy easy to understand for her students.For two decades she has educated thousands of students on how to use the therapeutic benefits of yoga to heal their bodies. For over sixteen years she has trained hundreds of yoga teachers to be authentic, well-rounded, knowledgable and confident in their own voices. This is not a book club, it is not a collection of dharma talks and yoga classes, this is a professional training that turns out some of the best yoga teachers in the world. This is a place where people come to learn to powerfully teach healing medicine. Learn to share what you love, and learn to do it in an exceptional way. 


In her words: “I began practicing yoga at 20 years old and found that it cured the intense anxiety and depression I had long lived with, but at the same time, I tore ligaments in both knees, herniated two disks, and my scoliosis got worse in the process. I was not willing to lose all the mental benefits I had gained, so I started my intense study into asana, alignment and adjustments. At 29, though, I was in a terrible car accident and was told by the best specialists in Boston that I would live in pain for the rest of my life. I searched out therapists and teachers from around the globe in an effort to heal myself when everyone said I couldn't be healed. 


This program is the result of my search and study to find a practice that heals the body, instead of hurting it, while balancing the mind and the emotional body. This is my 16th year of teaching teacher trainings and the team I have put together are some of the top trained professionals around. I invite you to join me in a program that will educate you in a deep immersion into yoga and your personal health, but also train you to be an excellent teacher, able to work with people of all ages, all levels of fitness, in classes and in private settings. I hope to see you on the mat.”


Our program begins Wednesday September 23rd and we will be holding it live online. This will allow students to have an in-person experience while also providing flexibility in the event of a Covid-19 second wave or circumstances like a sick child or a planned family vacation. All classes will be recorded so you can review the material and to accommodate differing time zones.

Learn to share what you love, and learn to do it in an exceptional way. 

Join us for a live interactive Q&A with Michelle on September 13th at 12 noon EST, Free Orthopedic Flow class to follow.

In person at Soul Oh in the Delmar Loop 11am CT.


Simply enter your e-mail to register! 

Thanks for your interest in our YTT! We'll be in touch shortly.

All students will graduate this course with:


-An ability to teach informed, safe and inspiring yoga classes ranging from slow, gentle and therapeutic, to fast, sweaty and exhilarating; to students of all levels and all degrees of experience, in person and online

-The knowledge needed to keep every student in your classes safe, and always moving towards optimal balance and alignment even if they are working with a restriction or an injury

-A deep understanding of both the physical anatomy as well as the more subtle energetic one

-A functional perspective of how the joints move, take stress and are to be aligned in regards to yoga; and the ability to feel that in your body, and see it in your students


-The ability to “body read” which means look at a student, and know what adjustments that student needs to make, where, and why, to bring that student into better alignment ,out of pain, and away from risk of injury.

-The experience and knowledge to create the unique yoga practice that is right for you specifically, at this moment in your life, and to know how and when to modify that practice as appropriate

-An in-depth understanding of the often misunderstood "Fascia" of the body, and how it relates to yoga and orthopedics


-Training in our revolutionary "Orthopedic Yoga Therapy for Back Care” program

-The experience of giving therapeutic hands-on assists in a safe and very effective manner

-The confidence to get out there and teach in setting ranging from yoga studios to hospitals, working with private students and teaching to groups

-An amazing, growth filled and fun experience with an amazing community of people 

-A life-changing, transformative educational experience that will not only benefit you, but also the lives of those around you.

Orthopedic Yoga Therapy Level 1 and Orthopedic Back Care Specialist Training Programs

This program is the result of 20 years of experience as a yoga therapist and over 40 times directing therapeutic yoga teacher trainings, 20 years of seeing and experiencing so many yoga injuries and so many imbalances being driven deeper into students’ structures through uneducated asana. It emerged out of my search to release myself from the constant pain I was told I would have to live with at 29 years old and my intense study of human anatomy with my amazing teacher Tom Myers of “Anatomy Trains” fame. The program works on three synergistic levels: educated movement, informed touch and neurological re-connection. 


This program runs in two sections, 200-hour and 100-hour, and participants can take both sections for a 300-hour certification which allows for teaching Orthopedic Yoga classes and working as an Orthopedic Back Care Specialist. Participants can stop at the 200-hour mark as a certified Orthopedic Yoga teacher, continue with the 100 hours on Back Care to be 300 hour certified or combine this with an existing 200 hour certification to receive a 500 hour certificate.


The 200-hour section

 This training teaches students how to teach Orthopedic Yoga Flow classes. The word “vinyasa” means to connect. A “ Vinyasa flow” class is one in which the poses are connected and move rhythmically from one to the next. This enables the joints to be bathed in synovial fluid, the internal, healing lubricant of the body. In this course, all levels of flow are taught so students will be able to teach in every situation, to all students. Students leave fully prepared to teach all levels of classes ranging from power style, sweaty and exhilarating classes, to gentle, slow therapeutic flows. The best part is, all students will graduate knowing how to support and protect their students, even those working with constraints or injuries. You will never have to say “If this pose doesn’t work for you, feel free to come into Child’s Pose.”; because you will have the knowledge to modify those postures for those students to make it safe for them. 


Your certificate will read:

On this day___, (your name) is certified to teach Orthopedic Yoga in all forms. (She) has passed all exams and has been deemed qualified to teach safe, effective yoga classes in all styles ranging from power yoga to gentle and therapeutic. 


The additional 100-hour section of training in Orthopedic Yoga Therapeutics for Back Care will prepare you to teach in clinical settings like hospitals and rehab centers, to work with clients privately and to teach specialty workshops and series as a Back Care Specialist.

Orthopedic Yoga 100-hour Back Program


• Orthopedic Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training or alternate YTT and all A&P modules from OYT 200-hour are required as a prerequisite to this course

• Focuses on spinal care as well as rehabilitation of spinal injuries and  conditions such as: herniated disks, stenosis, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, pinched nerve and generalized back care

• Microcosmically focuses on the anatomy from the perspective of the joints, macrocosmically from the perspective of fascial tensegrity, allowing us to both to hone in for a detailed view of the injurious site as well as to pan out, capturing a holistic perspective in the effort to both discover and alter the factors that are contributing to that injury

• A combination of manual, movement and neuro therapies designed to rebalance and rehab the body from a holistic perspective

• Focuses on treating individual clients to help them rehab from current and past injuries and educating groups on how to restructure and reorganize to prevent future injuries

• 300-hour combination of classroom and clinical program
• Yoga Alliance-approved, 5-star training
• If taken in conjunction with your existing 200-hour training, you will qualify to become an RYT-500 with Yoga Alliance
• Fulfills all requirements to enter the Orthopedic Yoga Therapy degree program
• All hours may be matriculated into the 1,000-hour Orthopedic Yoga Therapist degree program

Our Amazing Team 

Photo 07-03-2018 14 04 46.jpg
  • Michelle Fleming, Board Certified Structural Integrationist, E-RYT 500, Certified Yoga Therapist with 20 years of experience and founder of Orthopedic Yoga Therapy, will personally direct this training and will teach the "Functional and Fascial Anatomy” weekends

  •  "Finding a Meditation Practice” and “Including Meditation in Yoga Classes" is taught by Vanessa Pattison E-RYT 500, Co-founder of the Nicaragua Yoga Institute, Certified Doula, and Chopra Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor

  • Yoga of the Luminous Body" is taught by Ray Crist E-RYT 500, Director of The Jaguar Path yoga and shamanic training, and senior faculty at Kripalu yoga center

  •  "Neuroanatomy in Regards to Yoga” is taught by Dr Nicole Absar MD of Johns Hopkins Medical School, and RYT 200

  •  "Acro Yoga Therapeutics", and "Thai Massage Style Yoga Adjustments” are taught by Carolyn Cohen, co-founder of Acro Yoga, Licensed Acupuncturist, and E-RYT 500

  • "Yoga Philosophy" and "Incorporating Yin Yoga for Therapeutic Benefit" is taught by Chip Hartranft, Physical Therapist and author of The Yoga- Sutra of Patanjali: A New Translation with Commentary.

  • "The Yoga of Recovery, using yoga therapeutics in service to people in recovery from addiction disorders" is taught by Michelle Fleming

  •  "The Business of Yoga" is taught by Annie Trachsel, owner of Blue Sky Yoga, and Michelle Fleming

  •  "Creative Sequencing" is taught by Annie Trachsel and Stefanie Finnochio-Durham, Licensed Acupuncturist, E-RYT 200  

  • "Yoga As Social Justice" is taught by Elisha Fernandes Simpson, MSW, ERYT-500 RCYT, YACEP and founder of The Crossover Yoga Project which brings yoga to young women in jails and juvenile detention centers in NYC, and teaches trauma informed yoga programs, Johnny Blazes: Performer, Movement Instructor, Program Director, Educator of Social Emotional Learning in Elementary Education and Maury Browning, Yoga Teacher, Activist and RYT 300

  • "Fascial Release for Spinal Rehabilitation" is taught by Yaron Gal Carmel, Advanced Board Certified Structural Integrator and senior faculty of the famed Anatomy Trains program

  • "Clinical Considerations and Anatomy of the Spinal Column" are taught by Dr Jay Rosenfeld MD, Physiatrist, Doctor of Rehabilitation and RYT 200

Reading List 

  • The Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali: A New Translation with Commentary by Chip Hartranft

  • Integrative Yoga Therapy Yoga Teachers' Toolbox 3rd Edition by Joseph Le Page and Lilian Le Page

  • The Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book: A Visual Guide to Form, Function, and Movement (Volume 446)

  • Radical Dharma by Reverend angel Kyodo Williams

    Anatomy and Asana: Preventing Yoga Injuries by Susi Hately

  • Your Orthopedic Yoga Therapy Manual with all of the practices, sequences and postures will be provided 




200-hour training to be a certified Orthopedic Yoga Teacher:

• $500 deposit secures your spot and is deducted from your tuition balance

• $1,995 tuition if paid in full

• $2,295 payment plan ($500 deposit + $299 per month over the 6 months)

• The deposit is nonrefundable but is transferable to our next program

• Orthopedic Yoga Training manual is included



100-hour training to be a Orthopedic Yoga Back Care Specialist:

• $500 deposit secures your spot and is deducted from your tuition balance and is due by March 31st

• $1,195 tuition ($695 if deposit has been paid) due by March 31

• $1,395 payment plan ($500 deposit + $299 per month over the 3 months)

• The deposit is nonrefundable

• Training manual is included



300-hour training:

• $750 deposit secures your spot and is deducted from your tuition balance 

• Students enrolling for the full 300 hour training, are offered a discounted rate of $2995 if paid in full 

• $3445 payment plan ($750 deposit + 299 per month over the 9 months)

• The deposit is nonrefundable but is transferable to future programs

• Training manuals are included


Dates and Times

Open Houses :

Wednesday August 5th, 7:30pm Central Time, 8:30 EST on Zoom

Wednesday August 13th, 6-7pm EST at Rebuilt in Boston

Sunday September 13th at 11am CT (noon EST) in the Delmar Loop at Soul Oh studio, or on Zoom, free class to follow 


Training happens on Wednesday evenings 6-9 Central Time, 7-10 EST and begins September 23rd 

There is also one weekend per month on the following dates:


Tuesdays 10:45am-1:45pm Central Time, 11:45-2:45 EST

which is 4:45-7:45pm Berlin time, 5:45-8:45 Munich Time and 6:45-9:45pm in Israel

September 25, 26 27

October 16, 17, 18

November 13, 14, 15

December 5, 6

January 23, 24

February 19, 20, 21

Friday night sessions are from 6:00 - 9:00 pm Central Time

Saturday sessions are 10:00 am - 7:00 pm Central Time

Sunday Sessions are 11:00 am - 7:00 pm Central Time


All sessions will be recorded to allow students the opportunity to rewatch the courses, as well as to accommodate different time zones.

About Michelle 


Michelle Fleming has spent thousands of happy hours teaching yoga classes and private sessions everywhere from hospitals to schools to Gillette Stadium. She has taught in conjunction with Johns Hopkins Medical School on Yoga for Brain Disorders, she was on staff at Spaulding Rehab group working with orthopedic patients, has spoken at Grand Rounds at hospitals on the "Applications of Yoga in Clinical Settings" and ran summer camps for over 10 years bringing holistic healing to young women with anxiety and mood disorders. She is also one of the most real people you will ever meet. She will educate the crap out of you. She will also make you cry, scream and learn to find your happy place, your joyous center where you will learn to live from your passion and your truth.

She was the owner of Sanctuary Wellness Studios in Massachusetts, is the founder of Transformational Yoga, Ritual Vinyasa and Orthopedic Yoga Therapy.

Michelle is also a Board Certified Structural Integrator having studied with the acclaimed Tom Myers of "Anatomy Trains" fame, as well as a Thai Massage practitioner, a Neurovascular Bodyworker and the author of the upcoming book "Orthopedic Yoga". 

She has been teaching and studying the science behind yoga for almost 20 years and she now teaches internationally, bringing her unique style of yoga to students of all levels, ages, shapes and sizes. Her clients have included such athletes as top ranked NHL players and The World Champion Women’s Squash player. She has taught thousands of yoga students having certified teachers for ten years and believes it is a blessing to be able to bring people the gifts of a strong body, a quiet mind and a blissful spirit. You can learn more about Michelle and her offerings at her website www.OrthopedicYogaTherapy.com. or feel free to email her with any questions at OrthopedicYoga@gmail.com

Michelle is blessed to be assisted by Maury Browning.

Maury Browning 

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 11.06.07 AM.pn

Maury’s strongest desire is to dissolve separations between us and increase the potential for greater connection in all aspects of life on and off the mat. She incorporates spontaneity, enthusiasm as well as careful, safe alignment into each class. She has almost 20 years of practice and teaching experience. She is a 400-plus hour certified teacher, trained in Jivamukti Yoga, as well as having extensive experience and training in Core-Strength Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga, Ashtanga, Kid’s Yoga, Buti Yoga, MERGE, “The Practice”, Sculpt and Flow Yoga and Hatha/Vinyasa. She looks forward to guiding and supporting you throughout your journey.

200HR YTT Intensive
OYT Shoulder Workshop
200HR YTT Intensive
Zen Yoga Workshop
Zen Yoga Workshop
200HR YTT Intensive
Private Yoga Workshop Series
Nicaragua Retreat
Thai and Fly
OYT Shoulder Workshop
OYT Workshop
Intro to Touch
Zen Yoga Shoulder Workshop
200HR YTT Intensive

Professional Trainings

In depth trainings designed for manual and movement therapists, chiropractors, chiropractic students, yoga therapists and students, massage therapists and medical doctors.

Orthopedic Yoga Therapy Certification for the Spine w/Michelle Fleming

featuring Multi-Dimensional Adjusting with Dr Katina Manning 

March 21st-28th 2021

An in-depth training retreat designed for manual and movement therapists, focusing on working with clients with generalized back pain, and those with conditions such as stenosis, disc degeneration or herniations, and scoliosis, among others. 

We will learn:

  • Specialized Orthopedic Yoga Therapy sequences for the spine

  • In depth anatomy of the spine, the layers of tissue surrounding it, the relevant nerve and artery network, as well as organ implications

  • Self Fascial Release Techniques to be taught in group settings or to give clients for homework.

  • Powerful Fascial Release techniques for targeted manual therapy 

  • You will also come away from this amazing week, feeling renewed, refreshed and empowered with your own  unique home plan to continue your healing!

Co-Presented with: Dr. Katina Manning D.C. 

Please contact Michelle at orthopedicyoga@gmail.com or 1-508-734-0081 for more information.

Dr Katina's Chiro Camp featuring Orthopedic Yoga Therapy

March 21st-28th 2021 and/or March @8th-April 4th

"Come join me in a rich experience of nourishing ones inner wealth of health." ♥️

TRAIN & get ADJUSTED with Dr Katina’s playful exploration of BGI

and deepen your understanding of tonal and structural geometric connectedness

of the body, mind, Spirit.♥

We will play and train with centering and presence, movements,positioning, forces, matching of the tones, creating and building the most connected and honoring adjustments ♥️

We will play in the sand, jump in the ocean, swing from the trees, climb on the rocks, ride horses on the sand, peer at the stars and experience the beauty of the Caribbean. ♥️

Love, Dr Katina 😘
Katina V. Manning, DC    www.drkatina.org

Contact Dr Katina Manning with any questions by phone, text or message at 1-781-789-9215or feel free to email her here

Your trainings with us includes:

  • Beautiful, eco-friendly bungalows within steps of the Pacific

  • 7 nights and 8 days of healing, training, playing, serving, toning and connecting

  • Daily therapeutic Orthopedic Yoga Therapy sessions specifically designed for spine care

  • 3 fresh, healthy and simply delicious meals per day plus pre-breakfast snack/juice

  • Evening workshops in Thai Massage, Acro Yoga Therapeutics, BGI, Meditation and Fascial Release

  • Sea Turtle excursions

  • Guided Jungle Hikes 

Housing options range in price to make this healing experience accessible to all, with sea views all around.

  • Private Bungalow with Private Bath: 

    • single occupancy: $2450 by Dec 31, $2699 after Dec 31st

    • double occupancy: $2150 pp by Dec 31st, $2399 after Dec 31st

  • Triples, and Quads: $1750 pp by Dec 31, $1999 after Dec 31st

  • Family packages available upon request


Optional Adventures that can also be booked are:

  • Historical trips to ancient ruins

  • Spear fishing trips

  • Snorkeling

  • Swimming with Turtles

  • Horse back riding 

  • Massages, Chiropractic,and Structural Integration sessions

  • Personalized nutritional consults

  • Shopping excursions

  • Healing and beauty treatments

Our 2020 retreats are being held at Casa Dolce, an eco resort on the Pacific Coast.

Located just 12 kilometers from Costa Rica, and directly on the ocean.
We are not NEAR the beach, we are ON the most beautiful beach you have ever seen.
Please contact us at orthopedicyoga@gmail.com or 1-508-734-0081 for more information.   
Check out where the retreats are being held here.

Flights into Liberia Costa Rica are the most popular, and Managua. Nicaragua is also an option, only farther away.

Contact Casa Dulce to co-oridinate single or group taxis

Payment Options:

  • Paypal @ Paypal.me/DrKatinaWellnessCamp, additional fifty dollar processing fee

  • Call Wellspring Chiropratic to pay by credit card at 1-781-934-5114

  • Send a check for your 500 deposit made out to Dr Katina Manning to 178 St George St, Duxbury, MA, 02332

  • Trip investment does not include flights, taxis or tips.

  • Contact Dr Katina Manning with any questions by phone or text at 1-781-789-9215 or feel free to email her here



Friday October 19th 6:30-9:00 pm

Orthopedic Yoga for Back Pain: Featuring specialized facial release and an all levels therapeutic flow designed to heal the spine and lower back 

$50 “Early Bird” if registered and paid by two weeks prior to event, $65 after

At: The Center For Movement Weymouth, 14 Iron Hill Street Weymouth, MA 

Saturday October 20th 4pm-6:30:00pm

Hip Lovin’!: An OYT groovy flow class combined with Fascial Release for the Hips. After Michelle witnessed a woman dislocate her knee in a Sean Corn class, she vowed to find the perfect way to open the hip complex without ever once endangering her students with "Pigeon Pose". In this workshop, we will practice many versions of hip opening, safely and effectively, WITHOUT putting pressure on the knees or low back; all the while using great music and flow to lubricate the joints and free the mind! All levels welcome! 

$50 “Early Bird” if registered and paid by two weeks prior to event, $65 after

At: The Yoga Lounge, Winthrop 

Sunday October 21st 1:30-4pm

What Every Yogi and Yoga Teacher Should Know: An essential class to learn how to protect yourself and your students from common and dangerous injuries such as rotator cuff injuries, ligament injuries, vertebral artery bleeds (yes that is a very common, life threatening injury), Meniscus tears and more. Come as a student serious about protecting their body, or as a teacher dedicated to keep their students safe and moving towards balance.

$50 “Early Bird” if registered and paid by two weeks prior to event, $65 after

At: The Yoga Collaborative, North Falmouth, MA

(begins) November 9th 10-11:30 on Friday mornings.

Orthopedic Yoga Therapy for Back Care, 8 Weeks of Flow and Fascial Release The human spine contains over 100 joints, in this class you will learn to nurture them all! Using specialized Fascial Release techniques, combined with a safe, FUN, and therapeutic vinyasa flow, we will weave together poses to leave your back feeling amazing! You will leave with the tools to keep your back feeling great for years to come.

$169 Early Bird by Oct 10 $189 after

At: The Center For Movement Weymouth, 14 Iron Hill Street Weymouth

Sunday November 18, 1:30-4pm

OYT for the Neck and Shoulders, Flow and Fascial Release Class: Using specialized Fascial Release techniques, nerve and artery flossing, and Orthopedic Yoga Therapy sequences, we will create an a truly transformative flow to release stress and tension in these areas. Great for whiplash,"tech neck", Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Rotator Cuff issues and generalized aches and pains.

$50 “Early Bird” if registered and paid by two weeks prior to event, $65 after

At: The Yoga Collaborative, North Falmouth, MA


Sunday December 9th, 1:30-4

Orthopedic Yoga Therapy for Back Care, A Flow and Fascial Release Class

The human spine contains over 100 joints, in this class you will learn to nurture them all! Using specialized Fascial Release techniques, combined with a safe, FUN, and therapeutic vinyasa flow, we will weave together poses to leave your back feeling amazing! You will leave with the tools to keep your back feeling great for years to come. 

$50 “Early Bird” if registered and paid by two weeks prior to event, $65 after

At: The Yoga Collaborative, Falmouth, MA

 200 HR YTT Certification: Fall 2020, Tuesdays, 11:30am-2:30pm

Yoga as Art meets Yoga as Science in this 6 month Yoga Alliance approved training with a focus on the therapeutic and healing nature of the practice. We will fully examine the postures to create alignment and ease in the bodies of our students, while also facilitating a transformation within ourselves (and hopefully all fellow yogis we meet). You will graduate prepared to teach informed yoga classes ranging from gentle and therapeutic to sweaty and exhilarating with experiences and knowledge of everything in between.

Location of this training is TBD. Keep checking back and follow us on social media to learn more!